The Walk of My Life!

March 28, 2007

My mornings are usually bright. Nice, lazy brushing of my teeth- sipping my mom’s steaming hot coffee (not necessarily the same order!). And then of course I take a refreshing bath and  put on my cologne only to imagine myself as a hot  model ready to lure the lovely young ladies of the town. The feeling makes me pull out the best shirt out of my wardrobe and wear it with confidence and pride. Time for my trousers! I pick the latest that I got and start wearing it. Wait! This one doesn’t quite seem to move up my thighs. But, I just got it a week earlier:(

This is the sorry state of affair, which I have put myself in. Medical experts would describe my body as an inverted apple. Leave them alone, in simple words, I would say I am 10 kilograms overweight and my curves have been exponentially smoothening! (Great lakers would know.)

Then I realized it was time to take a few drastic steps. Enrolled for yoga classes with my best buddy as my “Guruji”. Sad, can’t imagine he is on the giving end. I am so used to being the Guruji and teaching him finance funda. Uh!

Next morning..

4:45 AM: Alarm rings. Put it on snooze a record 12 times.

5:30: Decide to get up.

5:35: start my Rocky (For all those who don’t know. He is my Pulsar 150 ccJ)

5:45 to 800 AM: Complete my yoga (Man wasn’t it refreshing) and chatting with Shravan (Much needed one)

7:30 PM:  A sudden urge to hit the beach. When I went there, I decided to take a walk from the Light House to the MGR cemetery in the sands. Seemed pretty long initially and far- fetched for my physical capabilities. But then, when you put your MP3 player on, listen to your favorite singer crooning and slowly start walking parallel to the expansive, magnanimous blue sea, you loose yourself. Distances seem to shorten, as your thoughts seem to fly to dizzying heights making you feel flabbergasted at their power.

The first thought that stuck me was the giving nature of the sea. It remained the same for everyone who came to admire its beauty. So unbounded and selfless in its love. I suddenly wanted to throw out all the negative feelings like over-possessiveness, anger and permeate my love to everyone around me. A moment of realization had dawned.

I looked far ahead towards the busy road- side. Cars and buses making deafening noises, people trying to over take one another and move ahead. But, where are all these people heading? They themselves probably don’t know. I felt safe and happy I was here near the waves rather than there on the busy roads.:)

Of course, I know I will have to take the roads to get back home, but I am aware of a calmer, rich with life and insightful sea on the other end, always by my side.


Ray of Hope

March 27, 2007

Darkness engulfing me from all sides,

A feeling of despair settling beyond all tides!

When down, my pillows bear the weight of my tears,

I have been doing this for years!

As a child, papa said don’t cry,

You are a GUY!

Grow up being so tough outside,

Only to be really soft inside!

Suddenly, in the dark, she reached out n wiped my eye,

She probably knew why!

She is always there for me at the end of the rope,

She is indeed my ray of HOPE!


Hello world!

March 27, 2007

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